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I have many bikes, and have had a lot over the years.  My main ride at the moment is a Surly Cross Check.  Of all the bikes I have owned, I have to say this one is my favorite.  Does everything well, from around town, long road rides and brevets, light touring, and even singletrack with the right gearing and tires.  I occasonally ride it as a SS off road, and fixed around town, but this is its current setup.  For gravel grinders and fire road rides, the tires change, but thats about it.

A mix of old and new components.  Function and dependability over form is first priority, but as a bike that gets ridden daily and for long distances, ascetics are important, just not the most.  I find myself being more and more attractied to utility, so what may look “old” “simple” to others is beautiful to me.

I rode a fixed gear track bike for years, and the simpleness of it was beautiful.  I just found myself looking for more utility and multi-use function.  Hence the Cross Check, “jack of all trades, master of none” they say, but can be a master with the right selection of parts and how you use it.


One Response to “what I ride”

  1. Nice looking Cross Check, are you still riding it? Long shot here considering the age of the post….I just picked up a gravy brown Cross Check myself, the fork steering tube is cut shorter than I would prefer and I see that you have a non-stock fork on your bike. Any chance you have the original, un-cut, gravy brown fork for that puppy? If so would you consider selling it?

    Regardless – Nice bike!

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