Surly warranty woes

So about three weeks ago, the canti stud broke on my CxC.  Riding down
the road with front and rear racks loaded with groceries, and when I
went to lightly feather the front brake, POP, the stud snaps, sending
the brake arm into the front wheel, snapping a bunch of spokes, and
sending me over the bars, along with a load of groceries.  So, I take
the fork to the shop I got the CxC from, and they said no problem,
they will take care of it, as it was not a result of a crash, and was
a defect (very smooth crack in stud, what was left, the part with the
brake bolt went flying during crash.)

About a week later, they called to say Surly said they would not honor
it, but the shop would swallow the fork price and get me a new one.  I
told them its not necessary, but to go ahead and order me a new CxC
fork.  One of the guys at the shop said he will call and try again,
and this time they said they would cover it and would send out a new
fork ASAP.  It came in friday, and I picked it up yesterday.  It was
still in the box when I got there, so I offered to pay for the
shipping the old one back, and went on my way.

Got home, all ready to put the new fork on and cut the steerer, and
opened the still taped box.  Here is the big woe in the story.  I open
it up and its a LHT fork.  Now, I will say that when I was thinking I
was gonna have to pay for a new fork, getting one crossed my mind.
But I changed it as the color would be off, and the difference in 10mm
a-c length.  This new fork is the light tan LHT fork, and I have a
gravy CxC.  I installed it and made the adjustment in the steerer
length to make up for the loss of 10mm A-C.  It rides good, and I like
the extra eyelets and mid fork eyelets (reason I was thinking f
getting one before.)  But the color is kinda blah.  I did call the LBS
before I installed it, and they said thats all surly had left, and to
go ahead and use if I want.  I was kinda worried it was a mistake and
cutting the steerer would make a mess for the LBS to deal with.

I do like the LHT fork, and sometimes kick myself for getting the CxC
frame and not the LHT frame when I was doing the initial build, but
the CxC has served me very well, and now is even more versatile with
the different fork.  Kinda like a LHT with a shorter wheelbase, and
horizontal dropouts (reason I went with the CxC, I have plans for a
IGH, and think chain tensioners are ugly)

So, thats my surly warranty story.  Now, I have to deal with the miss
matched paint.  I may strip it and clear coat it, leaving it “raw,” or
have a local powder coater try to match the brown, or maybe get it
coated black (the carbon fork I was using in the mean time was black,
and looked kinda okay.)  Or I may even have it chromed.  What do you
guys think?


2 Responses to “Surly warranty woes”

  1. I’d have to see that tan. I got the black cross check because I couldn’t picture myself turning it into a good-looking bike like you have. But, like you, I was torn between the LHT and the CC. What’s funny is, I asked the LBS to switch out the fork with an LHT and they advised against it. I wanted the extra mounting possibilties and geometry. I really wanted an LHT with 700c wheels and horizontal drops. Since I’m to short for an LHT with the larger wheels, I went with the CC. Seems like we’ve had the same thoughts! Anyway, your bike is beautiful. I love it.

    And as far as the fork goe, I’m stumped!

  2. well, the LBS might have recommended against it because of the shorter axle to crown length, like 10mm I think. I did feel a difference in steering, but nothing that I couldn’t live with. With the steeper head tube angle, its a tad more “twitchy” then with the stock CxC fork. But the Slice fork was a little shorter too, so I got used to it. There is also a small loss in tire clearance, but not much. 45mm fenders still fit fine. I will post some pictures of the new fork and the color difference when I get them off my camera.

    Thanks for the comments on the bike…

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