The industrial side of Hanover

Took a spin around the more industrial areas of Hanover yesterday.  Took a few pics, thought I’d like to share

This “WAS” hanover lantern.  Was a beautiful building.  Last week it was there, yesterday morning looked like this, in the evening was gone.

Looks like a brewery getting started.  Actually, its going to be Hanover Brewing Co.  if they ever get a few more investors.  Have the location, some equipment, and a great interest.  Money is whats holding it up.

Some buildings here have some great character.  This was part of the hanover lantern at one time.  Is now Swan Electric

This was a beautiful theater at one time.  Now it is empty, besides the cat that lives in the front window.  Not sure who owns it, but this could be something again.  Like the Carroll Arts center in Westminster.  Once a abandoned building, now a wonderful and hopping arts center with plays, movies, and an art gallery.

The location is one block from town square, and could be a great asset to the community.  As we all know Hanover could use a little community come together and something bedsides another Wal-Mart (we have two, in a city no bigger then Westminster.


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