the versatility of the surly

The Surly Cross Check is one versatile bike.  From cyclocross, road, trail, townie, and everything in between.  It is my beast of burden.  Here are two of its latest incarnations.

Grocery getter and utility mode

Wald 535 grocery basket and rack pannier, sunline front rack with Axiom Seymore panniers.  And my new homemade tool rool (these are for sale BTW, contact me for info)

And in Cafe Racer style.  I say cafe racer as I don’t do many road rides, but this is my favorite fro around town with no errands, maybe a handlebar bag.  Note the mod in the  Cardiff saddle.

And this shows the Long Haul Trucker fork on the Cross Check some have asked to see.  I love the fork, but not the color.  So, black, raw, or chrome?


One Response to “the versatility of the surly”

  1. Have you thought about Photoshopping a pic of your bike to actually “see” what the different fork options would look like? Now that I’ve been thinking about a beautification project on my bike, I keep thinking I may try it.

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