I love to tinker. The lowrider project

I have a thing for tinkering.  And since I am the new owner of a Long Haul Trucker fork, with the low rider eyelets, I decided to try to make one myself…  Here is the results

Black part of rack is a modified and hacked Blackburn rear rack with removable deck.  Lower curved struts are yolks from said rack.  Top rack is a Sunline mini rack, and supports are struts from a SKS front fender that bit the dust a few weeks ago.  Still need to do some tack welds on spot tape is, but test runs show this holds strong.

I filled the bags with a gallon of water jug in each, and took a spin on some local rough dirt roads.  There is a little bit of flex and side to side movement, but only on the biggest pot holes and larger rocks.  It is made to be easily removed and separated from the top rack.  Next step is painting and a rear world test during a overnighter on the C&O canal.  Updates to come as I will probably change a few things before then.


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