a watch, a few books, and something else

Ten more items make the list…  As well as three huge bags of  unused clothes donated.

11.) Watch.  A Timex expedition.  Simple, strong, cheap, and going strong for years now, with many more in her

12.) Wallet.  Green leather.  Three years old, and looks it, but holds what I need to carry

13.) Book – “North American guide to wild edible plants.”  Self explanatory

14.) Book – “Walden”

15.) Blue painted steel coffee cup

16.) Book – English to Spanish translating dictionary

17.) Small keychain with picture of my grandparents

18.) Cell phone and charger.  Samsung Impression

19.) Small cigar box with any mementos and memorabilia It will hold, like photos that have not been digitized, a pocket watch from my brothers wedding, and so on…

20.) Book – “Guide to the Northern hemisphere Night Sky”


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