I’m all smiles…

… and the reason?  My commute home.  Took the “long” way home to enjoy the late spring weather.  Took a few detours, chatted with some friends, and ate some wild mulberries.  I’m still all smiles, and it keeps getting better.

Pit stop at Merlins for a cup off black gold (Shakespeare’s Blend on tap for today,) and enjoy a conversation with an interesting couple who are riding the east coast on a tandem.  They didn’t want their picture taken, so I took a beauty shot of the bike instead

Ended up riding the Hanover trolly line trail.  There is only 1 1/2 miles constructed so far, but is on its way to being something great and enjoyable.

The more I ride my bike, the more I love it.  Can you tell?

Spotted a Mulberry tree on the way in this morning, and stopped for a snack.  On the way back I returned with a ziplock, so I can enjoy more, and share them with Aimee.  Just the right ripeness, and tasty as can be.

And what to do with my newly harvested bounty?  Lean on a fence and enjoy the surroundings.

And what is the result of a commute like this you say?  A huge smile and slightly sticky pedals.

Please excuse the purple teeth, one other side effect of a free roadside harvest.

Its days like this that make me remember why I chose to go by bike, and to take it slow.  Life is meant to be enjoyed, and a speedy non-stop lifestyle makes you forget what matters


2 Responses to “I’m all smiles…”

  1. Hmmm. I think maybe I smile like that sometimes.

  2. What, all big from the commute or ride, or all purple form eating things that grow o the side of the road… Or after looking at that picture, smiling and then realizing its time to shave? lol. I had know idea I was getting that scruffy. Maybe its time for some grooming.

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