A minimalist approach in the kitchen

Notice I didn’t say food, or cooking. That is a different conversation and practice all together I will go into in another time. This discussion, is regarding the tools used. Lets say for the sake of simplicity, in our kitchen is a oven, range, microwave, and a toaster oven. With these four cooking devices and the items listed below, most any items can be cooked. I will also not go into the “eating” utensils, including bowls, plates, flatware and drinking vessels. All of these items should be in any kitchen, and are the perfect example of multi-use items.

The tool list is as follows:

2 qt Stainless Steel pot and lid

10″ Cast Iron pan

10″ Chef knife

5″ paring knife (can also be used when eating, another amazing multi-use item)

Wooden Spoon

Metal Spatula

7″ Spring Loaded Tongs

5″ Stainless Steel sauce pan

10 qt Stainless Steel stock pot with lid

Stainless Steel colander

Stoneware roasting pan

8″ whisk

One argument I get is mixing has to be done in a large mixing bowl. This can be done in a serving bowl, again a multi-use item found in most kitchens.

With these simple items, most any item can be prepared and served. Eating forks and spoons can be used in the preparation. With these few items in the kitchen, food in itself will become simpler.

Simple food can be just as good, if not better than the more complex recipes. Take the “Escoffier,” 75% of these have less than 5 ingredients, including spices, and almost always salt. Its about the method, preparations, and “chemistry” involved.

This is the first part in a multi part series on my views on food, eating, and living. Stay tuned for more…


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