Life in a bundle…

Its been a crazy few weeks, and not having internet access at home has made it difficult to make a true entry.  I have a few in the head, and when I have the time to site and write, I will get them out here.  I just thought I’d like to share a few things going on…  Read Walden again.  I can almost read that book with my eyes closed.  I used to read it every summer, but its been a few years since the last time, so it was like reading it all over again.  Wonderful!  Started reading ‘The Future of Life’ by Edward O. Wilson.  Not gonna go into it now, as I just started last night, but lets just say it very interesting.

Also playing with the idea of a wooden crate for the front of the bike, and a utility/city bike for Aimee.  As well as a few changes to the Surly.

Sorry for the lack of a true post, and I leave you with this:

‎”in the end, our society will be defined not only by what we create, but by what we refuse to destroy”   John C. Sawhill


2 Responses to “Life in a bundle…”

  1. Bob Wagner Says:


    I found this thoughtful blog via a search for unpaved York county roads. You posted a while back on mtbr forum about putting together a gravel grinder in Adams Co. I’ve been riding dirt roads in York county for a while and always looking for more. I’d love to collaborate and put together a long ride. Shoot me an email:
    bobwag (at) gmail (dot) com

  2. greaterbrown Says:

    It looks like my last comment is still “awaiting moderation”. I’d love to coordinate a dirt road ride with you. Hopefully, this gets to you.

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