a watch, a few books, and something else

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Ten more items make the list…  As well as three huge bags of  unused clothes donated.

11.) Watch.  A Timex expedition.  Simple, strong, cheap, and going strong for years now, with many more in her

12.) Wallet.  Green leather.  Three years old, and looks it, but holds what I need to carry

13.) Book – “North American guide to wild edible plants.”  Self explanatory

14.) Book – “Walden”

15.) Blue painted steel coffee cup

16.) Book – English to Spanish translating dictionary

17.) Small keychain with picture of my grandparents

18.) Cell phone and charger.  Samsung Impression

19.) Small cigar box with any mementos and memorabilia It will hold, like photos that have not been digitized, a pocket watch from my brothers wedding, and so on…

20.) Book – “Guide to the Northern hemisphere Night Sky”


100 things

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In thinking about downsizing many things in my life lately, and after a few conversations with a few people, and one old family friend I recently connected with on facebook after at least 14 years, I have been contemplating the 100 things challenge. To limit myself to 100 possessions. I know that this point in my life this is not feasible. I will begin the downsizing effort, and have already sorta began in selling off some bicycle equipment I no longer need, and donating three large bags of clothes. But as a start of the thought process I thought it would be interesting to see what my 100 things list would be like at this point. Would be interesting to see how my priorities change over time. I will list 10 things at a time, as they come to me. Some items will be “grouped” and I will explain the reasoning behind said grouping. Also, a few links here and there as inspiration.

Inspiration link of the day.  The blog that got us all thinking

To get things rolling: 1 – 10

1.) 4 Cup Coffee Press and a small grinder. Grouped because one is useless without the other. And, as this is my list, I can make the rules, lol.

2.) Macbook

3.) Surly Cross Check. This will also be grouped with 5 20oz water bottles, tool roll, and a handful of essential tools needed for basic maintenance. these items grouped together as they can be carried and stored on the bike at all times. Also grouped will be helmet and cycling shoes.

4.) Small toolbox, inside the essential tools, lubes and greases, bolts, and small spare parts needed to maintain my bike. I do most if not all of my repairs, but will take to the local bike shop if a tool needed is not in this box. A lot of thought will go into this.

5.) iPod touch, grouped with soft case and earbuds.

6.) SMall toiletry bag, inside body wash, wash cloth, toothbrush, toothpaste, mug soap in baggie, camel hair shaving brush, straight razor, deodorant. Body wash can be used as shampoo as I shave my head close most of the time.

7.) Low Top day hikers/walking shoes, Vasque brand

8.) Rafters Sandals

9.) Medium backpack with laptop sleeve

10.) One set spare tires. Pair counts as one item.

I will add that I will not put anything on this list I do not currently own. The point of this exercise is not to obtain any more, but to rid my self of the excess. Some items, like to toolbox will need to be gathered from items I already own, that are not currently together, but I already have in my possession.

I may “theme” these ten item posts. Like clothing, kitchen items, ect… for the purpose of future reference.

random images from the week

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For those of you who have contacted me regarding not being able to post comments, my apologies.  There seemed to be issues with my account that I was unaware of.  I “think”/”hope” they have been resolved.  So till another time….

BlogWriter test

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Just a test of VirtueSofts new blogwriter ipod/ipad app

Its things like this…

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…that make me want a Big Dummy even more.  The versatility of this bike amazes me.  But its posts like these that really show how useful they can really be.


26″ or 29″

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I tried the 29er thing for about 5 years. SS, geared, front squish, rigid, everything short of FS, which isn’t really my thing anyway.

Las year I went back to a 26″ HT, and now run full rigid, both geared and SS. The reason for going back was bike fit and being comfortable. I am most comfortable on a MTB when I am “on” the bike rather than “in.” I like to have a more aggressive position with most of my weight forward. One other reason was I just didn’t like the feel of a 29er in tight twisty track, and on tight switchback climbs and descents, the truck rather than car feeling was not to my liking. I may go back to a big wheel if I can find something I feel good on, but unless I go custom I don’t see that happening. I have had many riders tell me I will get used to it, but my feeling is if I don’t feel right on the bike the first ride, its not for me. There have been many 26″ bikes over the years that did just that, first ride felt like the bike was meant for me. And for my current financial situation a custom frame is not in my near future.

Now I do ride my Cross bike off road as much as my MTB, so I guess that is “technically” a big wheel. But the trails I ride that on are different then the trails I take the MTBs on. Its more of a gravel grinder with some trails than a dedicated trail bike.

One more thing, the technical trails around here benefit from a snappy acceleration. I know this can be had on a 29er with the proper geo and build, but I am happy with my 26″ bikes.

I guess it all comes down to preference and the rider. To say that one trail will be better suited for a 29er or a 26er (all the time I hear, on here and in person, that there are certain trails that you cannot ride on a 26″, let alone full rigid) is nothing but someone trying to justify why they ride what they ride. If it fits you, and you like it and feel good on it, does it really matter?

My reasons are how I feel on the bike. Many just feel right on a 29er, and thats great. A bike that doesn’t feel good to the rider is one that doesn’t get ridden.